Social Studies including Psychology

QQI Level 5 Certificate in Applied Social Studies 5M2181

This course offers a broad introduction to the area of Social Studies including Psychology and Sociology. The course also explores a range of social issues including crime, migration, inequality, and substance use.

Employment Opportunities

Direct employment into social, educational and community services such as:

  • Social and Voluntary Services
  • Family and Community Services
  • Residential Care Services
  • Home Care Services
  • Adolescent and Child Residential Services

Course content

  • Social Studies
  • Psychology
  • Criminology
  • Substance Use – Issues for Youth Work
  • Political Studies
  • Intercultural Studies
  • Communications
  • Work Experience

*Course content is subject to change  

Course features and facilities

  • Opportunity to participate in Erasmus + Programme abroad
  • Educational field trips
  • Specialist workshops
  • Guest speakers
  • Practical and team-working projects provide experience-based learning
  • Work experience forms an integral part of the course, offering the opportunity for learners to gain practical experience, transferable skills and expertise in their chosen fields of interest
  • Access to fully equipped IT suites
  • Certified Training e.g. First Aid, Child Protection

Entry requirements

  • Leaving Certificate or equivalent, LCA or relevant experience
  • Interview
  • Mature applicants welcome
  • Applicants may be accepted without meeting formal entry requirements

“Sallynoggin built my confidence and knowledge and allowed me to go to university to study what I love. The teachers support you through everything and their guidance and generosity will make you feel at home. I’d really recommend the course. I wouldn’t be where I am without it!”
Mórna Henehan, Graduate 2019

Education progression

Below are some examples of progression options with this QQI level 5 award in Applied Social Studies 5M2181
TU Dublin City Centre Social Care G Level 8 TU996

For a more detailed list of progression options please

For more progression options

TU Dublin Blanchardstown Applied Social Studies in Social Care G Level 7 TU791
TU Dublin Blanchardstown Applied Social Studies in Social Care G Level 8 TU991
TU Dublin Blanchardstown Community and Youth Development G Level 7 TU792
TU Dublin Blanchardstown Community Dev. & Youth Work G Level 8 TU992
TU Dublin Tallaght Applied Social Care G Level 8 TU997
UCD Social Sciences Level 8 DN700
UCD Social Policy and Sociology Level 8 DN750
UCD Psychology Level 8 DN720
UCD Arts Level 8 DN520
UCD Humanities Level 8 DN530
UCD Law Level 8 DN600
TCD Sociology / Social Policy Level 8 TR759
TCD Social Policy / Political Science Level 8 TR758
TCD Sociology/ Philosophy Level 8 TR662
TCD Political Science / Law Level 8 TR582
TCD Psychology Level 8 TR006
TCD Deaf Studies G Level 8 TR016
TCD Law Level 8 TR004
DCU Social Sciences and Cultural Innovation Level 8 DC238
DCU Arts-Politics Level 8 DC295
DCU Law and Society (BCL) Level 8 DC232
DCU Health & Society G Level 8 DC209
DCU International Relations Level 8 DC231
DCU Education and Training G Level 8 DC235
Maynooth University Social Science Level 8 MH107
Maynooth University Psychology Level 8 MH106
Maynooth University Arts with Criminology Level 8 MH101
Maynooth University Community and Youth Work G+ Level 8 MH116
Maynooth University Law and Criminology Level 8 MH502
UCC Criminology Level 8 CK113
UCC Social Science Level 8 CK102
Marino Institute of Education Education Studies G Level 8 CM010
IADT Applied Psychology Level 8 DL825
NCI Psychology € Level 8 NC010
TU South Community and Addiction Studies G Level 8 LC297
Dundalk IT Community Youth Work G+ Level 7 DK767
Dundalk IT Social Care G Level 8 DK862
South East TU Applied Social Care G Level 7 WD018
South East TU Social Science Level 8 WD187
South East TU Social Care Practice G Level 8 WD192
South East TU Criminal Justice Studies Level 8 WD150
South East TU Psychology Level 8 WD163
Munster TU Counselling with Addiction A G Level 8 MT925
Private Colleges (Fees Payable)
DBS Social Science Level 8 DB566
DBS Applied Social Care G Level 7 DB528
DBS Applied Social Care G Level 8 DB527
DBS Psychology Level 8 DB562
DBS Law Level 8 DB568
ICHAS Counselling & Psychotherapy G Level 8 CI110
ICHAS Counselling & Psychotherapy with Addiction Studies G Level 8 CI111
ICHAS Counselling & Psychotherapy with Youth Studies G Level 8 CI112
€ Fees Payable G Garda Vetting Required + Questionnaire/ Skills Test and Interview A Age Requirement

Course modules are reviewed annually and may be subject to change