Attendance Policy



Dublin and Dún Laoghaire Education and Training Board (DDLETB) is committed to providing a supportive environment to enable all learners to achieve their full potential.

DDLETB recognises learners are responsible for their own attendance and are encouraged to develop self-discipline and take personal responsibility in order to achieve success on their chosen course.

Experience shows learners who actively participate in their learning by attending all classes are more likely to:

  • Develop the knowledge, skills and competencies required to successfully complete the course
  • Effectively manage on-going assessment requirements
  • Foster a strong sense of class participation and active engagement in college activities.

Sallynoggin College, as a constituent of DDLETB, is required to maintain attendance records and these will be forwarded to funding and other relevant government agencies as requested. For the purpose of this policy, punctuality is considered implicit in the term attendance.



Sallynoggin College, as a constituent of DDLETB, is committed to:

2.1 informing learners of attendance requirements and consequences of unsatisfactory attendance 2.2 operating an attendance management system

2.3 implementing attendance procedures in a fair and consistent manner

2.4 supporting learners who are experiencing difficulties or unforeseen circumstances

2.5 providing attendance records as required by the Department of Education and Skills (DES), SUSI (grant awarding body) and Department of Social Protection (DSP) *(i)

2.6 including information on attendance in references sought for academic or employment purposes

2.7 applying appropriate sanctions for unsatisfactory attendance

2.8 notifying the learner in writing of the sanctions applied *(ii)

*(i) Learners who are in receipt of SUSI, VTOS and BTEA payments will have their attendance monitored closely and payments may not be made by third parties if attendance is not satisfactory. *(ii) Decisions made with respect to learners under the age of 18, will also be communicated to parents/guardians.



Learners in Sallynoggin College of Further Education are expected to attend all classes on their timetable. It is College policy to monitor student attendance, as we believe that attendance at all classes is essential if a student is to successfully achieve their goals.

Learner attendance is recorded on VSWare at the beginning or every class. All learners who are present when the attendance is being recorded will be marked Present, those who are absent will be marked Absent. Students are issued with Notification of Absence when they have been marked absent on the register, as set out below:

First Notification of absence is sent after a student has been marked ABSENT on at least 5 occasions. On receipt of notification, the learner is required to meet with their course coordinator to explain the reason for their absence by the specified date.

Second Notification of absence is sent after a student has been marked ABSENT on at least 10 occasions. On receipt of notification, the learner is required to attend a review meeting with College Management at the time specified. If a learner is unable to attend, the student is requested to contact the Deputy Principal.

Third and final Notification of absence is sent after a student has been marked ABSENT on at least 15 occasions. After the third and Final Notification of absence, failure to contact the Principal/Deputy Principal means the College assumes that the student is no longer attending the course. The learner will be informed in writing that their name may be removed from the register.

Note: Absence for reasons under extenuating circumstances and/or covered by a medical certificate fall outside minimum attendance requirements.



Sallynoggin College, as a constituent college of DDLETB, recognises the right of learners to appeal sanctions in relation to attendance, and commits to address every appeal in a timely, fair and consistent manner.



4.1 Appeals must be lodged in writing to the Principal within 5 working days on receipt of the sanctions letter. The learner may not attend class pending the outcome of the appeal.

4.2 The Principal will establish an Appeals Panel to meet with the learner within 5 working days of the appeal being received. The Panel may be comprised of suitable members of staff such as Principal/Deputy Principal/FE Coordinator/Course Coordinator. At least one member of the panel will be independent of the sanction process.

4.3 The learner may be accompanied by another individual. Learners under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian.

4.4 The Principal will inform the Learner/Parent/Guardian of the decision of the Appeals Panel within three working days. Note: Parents/Guardians will be notified in respect of decisions made to learners under 18 years of age.