Information Communications Technology Acceptable Usage Policy


The purpose of the Information Communication Technology (ICT) Usage Policy is to specify the appropriate use of ICT in Sallynoggin College of Further Education in a way that promotes a positive learning environment. This policy outlines the requirements for the responsible, ethical and legal use of ICT. It aims to safeguard the security and the privacy of students and to ensure the integrity and reliability of the College ICT infrastructure.



This Usage Policy applies to all college students using ICT equipment, software and Internet services including and not limited to electronic communications. This also covers SMS, MMS and social media carried out on student’s personal devices. This policy is not limited to the college premises and class timetabled hours.



All students are responsible for using the colleges ICT services and resources in an appropriate, legal and efficient manner.

  • It is the student’s role to take appropriate measure to protect their own privacy and security.
  • Students shall not compromise the safety or privacy of others.
  • Students are responsible for their username and password and are accountable for activities carried out under their account/name.
  • Students are responsible for storage and backup of their files, the college is not accountable for lost data.
  • Students shall not create, access, store, publish, send or print text, images, sound or any other files which are generally considered to be unlawful, obscene, pornographic, abusive, discriminatory, hate-motivated, seditious, harassing, demeaning or in any way counter to a positive learning environment.
  • Students must consider the needs of other users and not monopolise resources at the expense of others. A breach of this policy will be deemed a breach of The College Code of Conduct and dealt with accordingly.