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Course Fees and Fee Exemptions

Course charges are due in full at Registration in August. Alternatively, if you are unable to pay the full course charges at Registration, the College will accept an agreed down payment with the balance paid by monthly instalments. Online payment is the preferred means of payment and this can commence in advance of registration. The college also accepts Cheques and Postal Orders. Course charges are essential to the College operation and you are advised to plan accordingly. The College is unable to accept cash payments.

Course Charges 2022/2023

Online Application: Free

Acceptance Deposit (To accept course following interview): €40 (non refundable)

Student Services: €100*

Course materials and extra curricular activities: Varies by course

QQI Exam Fees: 

• Level 5: €50.00*

• Level 6: €80.00*

Other Exam Fees: Varies by Course


* Medical Card Holders
VTOS students exempt from all of the above course charges excluding €40 deposit


If a student holds a valid medical card, you are entitled to an exemption from the QQI Examination charge €50 for QQI Level 5 Certificate, €80 for QQI Level 6 Certificate.

There are no course charges for VTOS students, all courses qualify for VTOS places.

There are no charges for students who qualify for the Back to Education Initiative (BTEI) Courses.

Please contact the Administration office for the exemption to be applied on 01 285 2997 or You will be required to provide evidence of exemption.