Learning and Disability Supports

Support for Students with Disabilities

Sallynoggin College of Further Education is committed to providing an inclusive learning environment to all its students. 

If you have a disability, a learning difficulty or a medical condition, you can let us know when you apply for the course. We can then provide you with extra support to help you with your studies.

What is the FSD?

The Fund for Students with Disabilities (FSD) is here to help students with disabilities and specific learning difficulties. This fund gives grants to the college to pay for services and equipment that can help you. To get this help, you need to have a verified disability, like not being able to see or hear well, having a mental health condition or a specific learning difficulty like dyslexia.

How can I apply?

Once you have accepted a place in SCFE you can apply for support.  To apply for this support, you need to show proof that you have a disability.  You must also complete the Supplementary Information form: https://forms.office.com/e/NtxTxbC0SQ

The college can then apply to the FSD for you. The help you may be able to get includes:

  • Assistive technology e.g. use of a laptop
  • A sign language interpreter
  • A personal assistant or notetaker
  • Transportation
  • Learning support either 1:1 or in small groups
  • Exam accommodations, such as a reader, a scribe, more time or assistive technology

What evidence of a disability should I supply?

What documentation do you need to submit with your application? 

  1. You will need to provide a report from a medical consultant and/or an educational psychologist – see Appendix 1 for details. Your application for supports and services cannot be processed without this documentation.

A General Practitioner’s own diagnosis of a disability/condition is not acceptable as evidence of disability for the purposes of the Fund.

  1. If possible, you should also provide a letter from your school or previous college or a copy of the Educational Impact Statement if you applied to DARE. This letter is important as it provides background information on your educational experience and helps us to determine appropriate supports and services.

It would be helpful if the letter included the following:

  • The number of years you attended school or college
  • Details of the general supports/services you received in school or college
  • Details of any exam considerations you received in state exams This letter can be written by the Principal, the Guidance Counsellor, and the Learning Support Teacher or Visiting Teacher and must be signed by him/her and stamped by the school/college.

Early application for supports and a meeting with the Guidance Counsellor is essential if you have a severe disability to ensure that necessary supports such as a sign language interpreter or a personal assistant can be put in place.

For further information, you can email guidance@scfe.ie