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5M2181 Criminology including Social Studies

QQI Level 5 Certificate in Applied Social Studies 5M2181
Child Protection
First Aid
Safe Talk (Suicide Alertness for Everyone)

Duration: One Year Full-Time - September to May

Coordinator: Mariena Kelly

The Criminology including Social Studies Courses offers a broad introduction to the criminal justice system in Ireland, exploring the causes of crime, the different types of crime, criminal motivation and the underlying societal causes of crime. The course is designed to enable students to develop the personal qualities, knowledge, skills, and competencies required to progress and pursue a career in the criminal justice and social care sectors, either through advancement to third level, or by going directly into employment. The course combines a focus on Criminology with a broad foundation in Social Studies.

Employment Opportunities

Direct employment into social, educational and community services such as:

  • Social and Voluntary Services
  • Family and Community Services
  • Residential Care Services
  • Home Care Services
  • Adolescent and Child Residential Services

Education Progression

Below are some examples of further progression options with this QQI level 5 award in Social Studies including Criminology  including Social Studies
TU Dublin City Centre Social Care G Level 8 TU996
TU Dublin Blanchardstown Applied Social Studies in Social Care G Level 7 TU791
TU Dublin Blanchardstown Applied Social Studies in Social Care G Level 8 TU991
TU Dublin Blanchardstown Community and Youth Development G Level 7 TU792
TU Dublin Blanchardstown Community Dev. & Youth Work G Level 8 TU992
TU Dublin Tallaght Applied Social Care G Level 8 TU997
UCD Social Sciences Level 8 DN700
UCD Social Policy and Sociology Level 8 DN750
UCD Psychology Level 8 DN720
UCD Arts Level 8 DN520
UCD Humanities Level 8 DN530
UCD Law Level 8 DN600
TCD Sociology / Social Policy Level 8 TR759
TCD Social Policy / Political Science Level 8 TR758
TCD Sociology/ Philosophy Level 8 TR662
TCD Political Science / Law Level 8 TR582
TCD Psychology Level 8 TR006
TCD Deaf Studies G Level 8 TR016
TCD Law Level 8 TR004
DCU Social Sciences and Cultural Innovation Level 8 DC238
DCU Arts-Politics Level 8 DC295
DCU Law and Society (BCL) Level 8 DC232
DCU Health & Society G Level 8 DC209
DCU International Relations Level 8 DC231
DCU Education and Training G Level 8 DC235
Maynooth University Social Science Level 8 MH107
Maynooth University Psychology Level8 MH106
Maynooth University Arts with Criminology Level 8 MH101
Maynooth University Community and Youth Work G+ Level 8 MH116
Maynooth University Law and Criminology Level 8 MH502
UCC Criminology Level 8 CK113
UCC Social Science Level 8 CK102
Marino Institute of Education Education Studies G Level 8 CM010
IADT Applied Psychology Level 8 DL825
NCI Psychology € Level 8 NC010
TU South Community and Addiction Studies G Level 8 LC297
Dundalk IT Community Youth Work G+ Level 7 DK767
Dundalk IT Social Care G Level 8 DK862
South East TU Applied Social Care G Level 7 WD018
South East TU Social Science Level 8 WD187
South East TU Social Care Practice G Level 8 WD192
South East TU Criminal Justice Studies Level 8 WD150
South East TU Psychology Level 8 WD163
Munster TU Counselling with Addiction A G Level 8 MT925
Private Colleges (Fees Payable)
DBS Social Science Level 8 DB566
DBS Applied Social Care G Level 7 DB528
DBS Applied Social Care G Level 8 DB527
DBS Psychology Level 8 DB562
DBS Law Level 8 DB568
ICHAS Counselling & Psychotherapy G Level 8 CI110
ICHAS Counselling & Psychotherapy with Addiction Studies G Level 8 CI111
ICHAS Counselling & Psychotherapy with Youth Studies G Level 8 CI112
€ Fees Payable G Garda Vetting Required + Questionnaire/ Skills Test and Interview A Age Requirement

For a more detailed list of progression options please

Course modules are reviewed annually and may be subject to change