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Professional Floristry

QQI Level 5 Certificate in Floristry 5M2686

Duration: 3-Day Week September to May

Coordinator: Ciara Quigley

Start your career or upskill your techniques with this one-year course in Professional Floristry. Learners will develop the necessary skills to design, create and arrange floral and plant displays for commercial, interior environments and special occasions. Learners will also gain a knowledge of floriculture and plant care.

As well as the practical floristry, the course focuses on preparing you to start a career in a retail florist. In our theory classes you will learn about setting up a shop, health and safety requirements, retail security, and upskill in the use of Point of Sales and IT equipment.


Employment Opportunities

  • Retail sales of flowers and plants in flower shops and garden centres
  • Designing flower and plant displays
  • On location flower and plant arrangements
  • Creating floral designs for special occasions such as weddings,christenings, parties
  • Running your own floristry business.


“I enjoyed the floristry course in Sallynoggin College as I learned different techniques, from making floral arrangements, to how to look at different ways of making a business out of it.  I also learned computer skills which came in handy, as I now own a florist called Floral Boutique. I would recommend this course as it covers everything, which I liked.”

Sabina Butler, Co-owner of Floral Boutique, Edenderry 

“There were two main reasons I enjoyed the course. The first was learning how to work with flowers/foliage and creating different arrangements, the second was the computer course. At my age I learned so much and I am much more confident and feel I accomplished what I needed to know.

Work experience helped me gain a lot of knowledge into the world of floristry. It also helped me decide on my own goals.

During the summer after college, I decided to open a shop with another student from the class.  From my own retail experience and the retail workshops/assignments we worked on in SCFE we had all the tools we needed to feel confident to open a business. Learning basic information about setting up a shop, health & safety, security, and use of equipment/computers etc, all helped in the understanding of what you could expect opening up a business.

The course is tailored to individual needs. I wanted to learn all the floral side of things but learning about opening a shop really benefitted me. I also needed to brush up on computers as I just had the basic computer skills and felt this side of the course was really valuable to me. There is a lot of assignments, but the tutors are very helpful in helping you to understand what you need to achieve.”

Michelle O’Brien, past student and co-owner of Floral Boutique, Edenderry

Education Progression

Below are some examples of progression options with this QQI level 5 award in Floristry 5M2686
South East TU Horticulture (Dublin – National Botanic Gardens) Level 7 WD097
South East TU Horticulture (Waterford – Kildalton) Level 7 WD096
South East TU Agriculture Level 7 WD126
South East TU Agricultural Science Level 8 WD191
South East TU Forestry Level 7 WD076
South East TU Retail Management Level 7 WD184
TU Dublin City Centre Visual Merchandising and Display* Level 7 TU795
TU Dublin Tallaght Advertising and Marketing Communications Level 7 TU780
TU Dublin Tallaght Advertising and Marketing Communications Level 8 TU919
*Portfolio Required

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Course modules are reviewed annually and may be subject to change