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Applications Open November to September

SCFE welcomes applications from all, and is committed to providing an inclusive learning environment where all learners have the opportunity to develop, and reach their potential.

All applicants are invited to attend for interview, where an opportunity is provided to assess their suitability for a course place. Applicants may be accepted without meeting minimum entry requirements, if the College is satisfied that they have the necessary ability to take the course. Further details are available at interview.

Application & Enrolment Procedure

Step 1 – Application

Apply online. Application are open from November to September 30th each year. Information on the availability of course places is regularly updated on the website. There is no application fee.

Step 2 – Interview

All applicants are invited for interview (or audition and interview in the case of Dance and Performing Arts). Most Creative Studies courses require applicants to bring samples (portfolio) of their work to interview. This information is included with the interview notification. If in doubt, please contact the College office. Places are offered on a first come, first-served basis, based on suitability.

Step 3 – Acceptance of Place

A place is secured by payment of a non-refundable acceptance fee of €40.00, which should be paid promptly after offer, either on-line or through the Administration office.

Step 4 – Commencement

After the acceptance of a place and payment of the €40.00 acceptance fee (no cash in the college), learners are invited to register as a student of SCFE. Registration usually takes place in late August/ early September, and written notification of registration requirements is sent out in July. Where course places become available during August/ September, late registration is offered up to the end of September.

Step 5 – Commencement

Classes usually commence in mid-September, and all learners are notified at registration of induction and commencement arrangements.

Please note:

  • All admissions to SCFE are subject to the regulations and policies of SCFE and the DDLETB.
  • Application is made online here.
  • All applicants are called for interview.
  • Entry requirements for each course are set out in the relevant course pages in this site.
  • Interviews are held between January and September each year, and courses run on an academic year basis, from September to May.
  • Places are limited on all courses and are allocated on a strictly first-come first-served basis, to learners who fulfil entry requirements and who have completed the application and interview process.
  • Early application and prompt acceptance of places is recommended, due to the limited number of places available.
  • Acceptance of a place at SCFE implies acceptance of all policies and procedures of the College.
  • SCFE reserves the right to refuse a place on the grounds that the course applied for is not suited to or appropriate for the applicant. All applicants may avail of the College appeals process.
  • After offer and acceptance of place, a non-refundable acceptance fee of €40.00 is payable.

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